Jewelry By Jodi

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About Jodi Baarstad 

Jodi is an avid world traveler, she has found inspiration for her design from all over the globe. She has over 20 years of successful business and is the creative guru behind Ajmer by Jodi. Her original focus on sterling silver and gemstones has expanded to include a variety of found objects and organic materials and she is happy to still be growing, changing and creating new jewelry collections.

About our team


Known to most in the neighborhood as “The Mayor,” Rand is a skilled master jeweler as well general problem-solver, support staff, idea-man and voice of reason.   Jodi's perfect beach-combing buddy, his eagle eye spots Big Sur Jade as easily as it spots trouble.

Motivated office manager who keeps Jodi on track and in stitches.  She helps present Ajmer to the world and is a wonderful creative sounding-board and fresh voice in the office.

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Our resident firecracker who keeps everyone on their toes.  She is always ready to lend assistance.  Her high energy, love of jewelry, and engaging persona make her great at fairs and festivals. 

-Jodi's mom is the homemaker extraordinaire-gone-jewelry carding journeyman, she takes her role on the staff pretty seriously.  She is quick to lend a hand and tackles a variety of tasks and odd jobs to ensure it all is taken care of. She is generally armed with a smile and a piece of candy.

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